Hey everyone!

Todays post is a little bit different from previous posts; It’s to let you all know about a really cool competition you could enter, along with some info about it.

I have known the owner of Hoofprints, for a couple of years now; Amy (amygriffithsphotography.co.uk) photographed me at my very first show and gifted me a montage of photos for christmas the same year, how time flies! I’d include a photo of it but my riding is so atrocious that I dare not!

In May 2016, she set up a new branch of her photography which involves photo manipulation and printing services. She can sublimation print photo(s) of your horse onto bags, t-shirts, and more.

I received a lovely surprise in the post yesterday; A printed lanyard featuring Pickle and me, which I am going to use to keep my keys on when I go riding. this reminded me of the £100 christmas giveaway that she is running. Click here to sign up to be in for a chance!

It’s my last show of the season next week; wish me luck! Then get ready for a post about my 2017 season experience in a few weeks time.

talk soon,

Sally xxx


disclaimer: all opinions voiced on this blog are my own! i have shared this competition with you because i thought you might like to enter, not for any other reason. 🙂


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