Hi all!

Every year I skive school and attend the Great Yorkshire Show. I love it every year, and this year was no exception; my bank account hates it though! In this post, I am going to share with you all the products I bought. I found myself buying all sorts of odds and sods that I’ve been meaning to buy for ages but I haven’t got around to it.

1. Self-Adhesive Bandage from KM Elite Products

All brands of self adhesive bandages are much of a muchness; I just so happened to pick up this red one from one of the stands at GYS. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I think that it is important to keep a full first aid kit for your horse at the yard to be ready in case of any mishaps! I decided to stock up whilst I was shopping.

2. Tail Bandage from Roma

Again, almost any brand would do here, Roma happened to be the one for sale at the time. I chose purple because my mum is obsessed with the idea of everything matching (Pixie’s brushing boots are purple) even though I pointed out that they would not be worn at the same time. Pixie will need a tail bandage whilst travelling to shows for various reasons; for one, she has such a thin tail I want to minimise the risk for her rubbing any hairs out. Also, if I decide to plait her tail, it will stay in better in the trailer if it is bandaged up, and it will not get caught on anything in the trailer. It will also help to keep her tail clean!!

3. Sponge

‘How uninteresting’ you think. Well, it is. But, it’s also one of those things I’ve been needing for a while; I had one, but when I came to use it to bath Pixie, half of it was missing! Literally, someone has cut it in half and taken half! It really is too small for bathing, so now I have my new one I will be able to use that instead, and my awkward half a sponge can be used for tack cleaning. Speaking of…

4. Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Conditioner, and Carr & Day & Martin Neatsfoot Compound

Carr and Day and Martin is my favourite brand for tack cleaning products as a general rule, although I am open to suggestions of other products that will make my tack as clean as possible for those tack and turnout classes. I have used both products on the tack of every horse I have ridden; the Belvoir really does help to soften, preserve, and condition my saddle, as well as giving it a lovely shine when I polish it afterwards with a dry cloth. The Neatsfoot Compound works really well to soften brittle tack and prevent bridle leather cracking. I use both products after I have clean any dirt/grease/grime/horse hairs off the tack using warm water and a damp sponge. To see more about how I clean my tack properly, I will be posting a blog post very soon!

5. Pulling Comb

Another one of those little things that I’ve been meaning to buy; I desperately need to pull Pixie’s mane! Now that I have a pulling comb, hopefully I will motivate myself to actually do it!

6. Pessoa Fly Sheet

Like all horses, Pixie is suffering big time with the flies at the moment. I invested in a fly mask for her, which worked until it started rubbing on her cheek bones and removing the hairs! As a result, I have decided stop using that on her. Paired with the mask, I have been using NAF Citronella fly spray (not my favourite spray ever I’ll admit, but the most affordable), however Pixie hates it! She’s getting better now because I have taken to bribing her with polos to get her to stand still. Hopefully, this will combat the issue and I will be able to just wipe fly spray on her face (using cotton pads or my hands, of course i wont spray her straight in the face!).

So thats it; thats my GYS haul for 2017. I so nearly bought a saddle pad too but I restrained myself!

talk soon,



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