WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR FIRST HORSE (not including the obvious stuff)


After riding show ponies for other people and having ones on part loan for several years now, last month I took the plunge and have finally got myself a pony on full loan! Her name is Pixie, and she is probably the poshest pony I have ever had the pleasure of riding. She is a coloured non-native and I can’t wait to get showing with her this season. Maybe we will even get to some qualifiers!? (fingers crossed). I’m very excited to blog more about her as our partnership develops in the forthcoming season.
Although I own a lot of items already – the obvious ones such as saddle pads and brushes – I was surprised at how naive I was in terms of what I needed for her. It’s all well and good having the basics, but there are several other items that I would recommend to you so that you are prepared when you get your first pony.

1. Sudocreme, and other general first aid items

One thing I initially overlooked was first aid. Luckily, I had no desperate need for it, but the risk was there and I made point of buying Sudocreme, self-adhesive bandages, purple spray, and other first aid items, as well as plasters for me, just in case!

2. Feed scoop

Well armed with feed and feed buckets, but no feed scoop! If you need to, you can used a plastic milk bottle cut in half as a scoop, but any pot of the right size would do really.
3. Spare buckets

Its all well and good being prepped with feed buckets but when one breaks what are you going to do? Answer; be prepared with spare buckets! I found I needed one because the automatic waterer in the stable was leaking, so I put the spare bucket underneath to catch the drip.

4. Towel

The amount of times a towel would’ve been perfect for a situation since I have had Pixie; For buffing my saddle, for wiping her nose, for drying her hooves after I rinsed them so that I could put product on them; but I don’t have one yet! A ‘dog towel’ as we call them (a towel no longer good enough for human use) is ideal to have handy for a range of uses.

5. Sun Cream

This point does not apply to all; only those of you that have a pony with a pink nose! My old pony had a black face so this was not an issue, but to prevent sunburn on Pixie’s pink nose, I have been using factor 50 suncream that was actually designed for humans. Many equestrian companies make products for this, such as NetTex and Protection Plus which have both had good reviews from my friends. I just find that using human suncream is cheaper!

6. Fly Spray

One of those things that I did know that I needed was fly spray, but the speed in which they run out is unimaginable! At the show yard I used to ride at, we went through one bottle of Power Phaser a week, which was used on all the horses by everyone at the yard, so it made sense that we would go through so many. However, I did not anticipate the speed in which the bottle I bought for Pixie has decreased! I will have to be ready to buy more soon. I would recommend that you also buy a sponge that you can use to apply it to your horse’s face; the fly mask I bought Pixie has started to rub so I’m instead putting lots of fly repellent on her face.

I hope these helped! Good luck with your new pony!




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